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Established in October of 2004, Real Pets is a companion animal and fish wholesale distributor.  From humble beginnings in the small processing room of an abandoned chicken house, Real Pets has grown to supply wholesalers nationwide via air-freight and provide door-service to retail companion animal establishments in a 300-mile radius along the Eastern seaboard and into the mid-west.  

We moved to our new and presumably permanent home on the outskirts of Reading, PA in 2022.  A ~50-acre historic farmette, this location gives space and resources that are effectively unlimited to continue to grow, innovate, and improve.  Currently, we’re offering industry retailers a vast selection of small animals, feeder items, and an ever-growing catalog of tropical fish, goldfish, koi, and aquatic plants.  Our delivery range spans from the Ohio/Pennsylvania line to the West; Baltimore/DC area to the South; To upstate NY/Connecticut to the East and North; Including all of the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and all of NYC.  Feel free to contact us to see if we can provide door service to your establishment.

We feel that we offer competitive pricing and reasonable shipping rates In fact, the majority of our orders are delivered with no delivery or box charges at all!  If you haven’t audited your livestock purchasing recently to determine the true cost of the animals you’re purchasing, this might be a good time to do so; Freight charges have only gone one direction in the last 15 years and that is up, up up. There is no end to this trend in sight.  We can help.

We are strong believers in the self-delivery/door service model, and the vast majority of our orders are delivered directly to the customer by us, without the use of a common carrier (Such as Fedex or UPS).  Door service not only fosters a more personal relationship with our customers, but allows the customer to review and accept (or reject) livestock IN PERSON, eliminating the use of common carriers and the “Cost-only” loophole exploited by common-carrier shippers; In addition, the cost to the customer is virtually always lower!

Contact us to receive a brochure and let us perform a free cost-analysis, or feel free to request access to our members area where you can browse our catalog, submit inquiries, and when you’re ready, place orders online.  Alternatively, give us a buzz at 610-589-4444 or email us at; Let us know your needs and we’ll see if we can help!

Please note; We are a wholesale-only establishment and we are not licensed to sell to the general public.