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Shipping & Freight Policy

Below is a description of our current shipping & Freight charge policy.  This policy applies only to customers in our normal delivery range; Arrangements can usually be made for customers outside this range but the charges and order requirements may vary.  To find out if you are in our “Normal Delivery Range” you may contact us

We’ve prided ourselves on providing free delivery for the vast majority customers and only modest delivery charges for certain smaller orders throughout most of our history.  Unfortunately, the rising cost of vehicles, maintenance, fuel, and labor, combined with changes in ordering habits, have made this impossible to continue.  There will still be criteria in place whereby our delivery fee can be waived, which should not be difficult to achieve for the vast majority of customers.

We are a full line pet supplier, and it is pet items including fish, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and the like, that keep our lights on.  We carry a number of “Loss Leader” items at very competitive prices, including bulk feed, bedding, and feeder rodents (live & frozen) as a courtesy and a consideration to our customers.  Unfortunately, these items are sold at razor thin margins, and have a considerably higher labor and cargo-space cost than their pet item counterparts.  While we are happy to provide these items to our customers, we are simply no longer able to deliver orders consisting exclusively or chiefly of these items alone without a charge.

Beginning 1/30/2023:

  • Standard order to avoid delivery charge is $250.00.  Orders containing $250.00 or more of qualifying items will be delivered free of charge.
  • The standard freight charge for smaller orders is $25.00.
  • Live & Frozen feeder rodents, bulk feed, and bulk bedding, do not count towards the minimum.  For the time being, feeder fish will continue to count toward the minimum.