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New & Noteworthy Slideshow updated: 7/15/2024

A collection of our latest arrivals, fresh out the box and ready for commerce. Photos shown are of actual inventory. Swipe or click to view additional images

NOTE: This is typically updated MONDAY MORNINGS!!

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This Week's wysiwygs! updated: 7/1/2024

WYSIWYG – or “What you See is What you Get” is a collection of fish and/or animals we feature on special each week, which is sent out with each Eblast. As with the slideshow, these are of actual specimens we have in-house. In most browsers, you can click for full sized images. For pricing and availability, please refer to this week’s brochure or contact us.

Discus Sizing Chart
It has come to our attention that our discus sizing may be inconsistent with, and often larger, than many other distributors.  Below are our Small/"Sml," Regular, and Medium discus with a standard golf ball, baseball, and softball, for reference.  We will occasionally source larger or intermediate sizes (eg, M/S for "Medium-Small) but our 3 standard sizes are represented below.


Left: “Small” Discus, $12.95 – $15.50; Center: “Regular” Discus, $22.95 – $28.00; Right, “Medium” Discus, $53.95 – $89.00

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